An ancient port town (dating back to the Edo Period), which is well known for its salt production. “Uminone”- “The Sound of the Sea” is a Japanese ryokan, located at the Takeno seaside.
It is a 10 minute travel by train from Kinosaki, Japan’s onsen town.
If you prefer a car, it is just 15 minutes’ drive.
Beautiful scenery and gourmet food will reactivate your five senses. “Uminone” – or “The Sound of the Sea” is truly designed for your pleasure.

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Our Hospitality

Uminone is an aesthetically pleasing place for relaxation.
We are delighted to please our guests, who love the nature, have the taste for adventure and enjoy every day of their life.

At Uminone our guests feel refreshed daydreaming on the beach, having happy tea-time, talking leisurely while looking at the seaside, or enjoying delicious food.
Body and mind refreshing time will create unforgettable memories of Uminone.
And remember to take a picture of a cute QP-mountain when you take a walk along the coast!


There are 8 guest rooms at Uminone: 6 – Japanese style and 2 – Semi-Western style rooms. They are designed to create a relaxed atmosphere to please our guests` mood.
They are Elegant and Spacious VIP-room, Modern style room, Warm and Natural room, Clear and Refreshing room, Gorgeous and Tasteful room, Smart and Chic room, Dandy style small room, Little Romantic room.
Enjoy tranquility and peace at our cozy place during your journey. We can guarantee you comfort when you stay with us.

Guest Room Facilities

Special Services & Amenities

  • ・Air-conditioning (all rooms)
  • ・Refrigerator
  • ・Free Wi-Fi (all rooms)
  • ・Air Purifier
  • ・Safety box
  • ・Japanese style pajama
  • ・Towel
  • ・Bath towel
  • ・Toothbrush & paste
  • ・socks

We aim for our guests` beauty and health, providing various sorts of facilities.
At our ryokan our guests have a chance to taste a delicious Red Rooibos tea. It is a caffeine free herb tea, boosting the immune system and protecting the body.

There is a shampoo/ conditioner/ body soap bar, offering various items to please our guests` taste. You can add a new touch of aroma for your happy bath time.

In each room there is an amenity set, offering a pretty Samue (Japanese pajamas). This easy-to-wear piece of clothes is perfect for body-stretching and relaxation. Besides, there is a hair dryer, a couple of hand towels and a bath towel, a toothbrush and a toothpaste.

Vegan available
We can offer vegan or vegetarian meals. You can enjoy our local fresh veggies, seaweeds, and more.

Takeno Onsen

Experience a refreshing SPA at Uminone!
Takeno hot spring is located close to the sea and contains higher concentration of salt, which makes the skin smooth and silky, boosting your body beauty.


Uminone a seaside ryokan, located right in the heart of a tranquil bay!
It is so tempting to wander around the coast during the day or enjoy the beauty of the setting sun.


If active holiday is your thing – spice up your life with canoeing adventure!
Apart from beautiful and breathtaking scenery, this adventure tour offers the cave exploring around “The San`in Kaigan Geopark” area.


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